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I grew up in southern Italy where I started working at a very young age with my mother, a photographer of the village.

After studying photography in Rome, I started a collaboration with a great photographer, Piergiorgio Rozza, now a true pirate of the Caribbean seas.

During those years, I was lucky enough to meet many inspiring people with very different artistic backgrounds. From school to retouching studios, from production houses to communication agencies, I made friendships that became family. An endless daily sharing of ideas, life experiences and artistic knowledge.

I was a 20-year-old guy and those magnificent 10 years in Rome were my first big injection of cultural awareness, existential interests and arts of all kinds. A profound contribution to the formation of my true self that I was finally discovering.


Satiated with those adventures, I moved alone to the UK to explore outside my comfort zone. A real turning point. I was so fascinated by London's melting pot, intrigued by new sources of innovative and experimental approaches. Everything was stimulating and without rules. The artists were also technicians and the technicians were involved in the creative processes, without any disciplinary restrictions.

It was during this time that I shared the most evolutive growth with TheButchers Production at the MareStreetStudios. Thanks to Filippo and Giorgio I made new pioneering encounters with a wide range of artists from all disciplines and cultures, often visual and video artists, but also cgi and computational artists. The sparkling cream of the east London.

With my first production and film direction experiences came friendships with Raoul and Penelope from Sublab, who introduced me to production, high-speed cameras and cine-bots. Then Jules Bodenstein, an incredible CGI artist, shared three months of post-production with me in an ancient 'masseria' in Puglia, where I had also the pleasure of working with many apulian artists such as the papier-mâché 'maestro' Deni Bianco, that brought the modelling of the unreal back into reality.

Leaving London with a new understanding of my skills, wandering between Milan and Berlin, I finally stopped in Bordeaux.
During these French years I had the opportunity to learn and test myself as a post-production supervisor and art director with many CGI and VFX artists, or as a project manager with UI/UX designers and web coders. New interactions that made me aware of my natural need to learn and spread myself creatively in a very multidisciplinary way, experimenting in these new fields.

My artistic journey is expanding again, at the crossroad of filmmaking and storytelling. Yet the thirst for metamorphosis that has accompanied me since the beginning of my career is still here. Every person I have met, every victory and every defeat have built my ambitions.

I embraced the idea that life will continue to shape who I am, without the need to define myself in one artistic discipline. Finally, consciously, transdisciplinary. And always meticulously.