project Lost Carnival disciplines Creativity, Photography, Retouching


This was the last carnival of spontaneity. The lost one. After this one everything changed; an ancient non-ruled way to do things have been killed. The popular ritual, that found his social position and balance in centuries, started to be deprived of that commune freedom that always been at the roots and in the meaning of it. After this carnival, the creative production of the "carri" will be ruled by laws, insurance policies, health and safety limits, creative guides dictated by the carnival foundation. And so young and old can no longer so easily take part, and, the papier mach√© masters, who had always been free to choose the theme and meaning of the carnival floats, now are creatively forced and no longer completely free to speak about politics and social issues. The oldest carnival in Italy, Putignano, has somehow lost its ancient spirit. This ritual has always been a revenge against the power of governors and elites. Since the beginning, everybody was allowed to mock everybody, satirically pointing fingers on abuse of power and shameful scandals. Now, something changed and of course mine is a romantic and naive point of view that doesn't want to exclude the importance of worker rights and health and safety standards, but I surely cannot hide my sadness showing these pictures taken a year before the funeral of that popular creative tool of freedom called Carnevale di Putignano.