Ciao, I’m Basilio,
a nowhere-based
creative retoucher
and film director.

I've worked in the advertising and visual media industry since 2003, jumping between Italy and the UK, Spain and France.
During these years I've had the privilege to meet and work with a huge number of professionals from many different disciplines and markets. This helped me develop the capacity to see things from a different perspective. This opportunity also gave me an expertise in collaboration and interaction on all kinds of project, within multidisciplinary teams, and so daily grew my sphere of knowledge out into different fields, such as graphic design, film post-production and creative direction.
I really like to be a proactive process part of creative and visual productions, incorporating these gleaned transdisciplinary insights into my work approach, which I believe gave me the edge over a “pure” photographer or retoucher. For that reason I shamelessly ended up adopting the title of "digital artist"to try to include my wide experience.
I have been recently developing and sharpening my capacities in motion picture disciplines, from direction to high-end post production pipelines for commercial videos, video games and the cinema industry.
And last but not least, I'm always interested in developing non-profit projects, where I love to unleash my tentacular creativity for the non-profit media operations of charity associations, big or small.


Thank you for visiting my site and looking at my works. If you are interested to make use of my skills, or just have a chat, please feel free to  drop me a line  about your project.